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August 12, 2010

Sweet of the Week: Wedding Cakes vs. Pugs

It’s time for the Sweet of the Week contest again. This week’s contestants pit two wedding cakes against a couple of cute pugs. Can anything defeat the heart-melting power of tiny dogs? You decide. Leave a comment letting us know your favorite sweet and you’ll be entered to win a $10 gift certificate to Whipped Bakeshop. Voting ends noon EST on Friday.

Sweet #1: Seashell Wedding Cake

Seashell Wedding Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

This sweet couple had a very specific vision of their wedding cake: rings in a seashell on the beach with waves of cupcakes. The edible shell itself was very difficult to execute, but somehow Casey managed it. The bottom of the shell is cake. If you look closely, we spelled “just married” on the sand.

Seashell Wedding Cake and Cupcakes by Whipped Bakeshop

As we set up the cupcakes, we wished we had some dolphins or mermaids to add to the “waves”.

Flavors: almond pound, red velvet, banana and chocolate.

Seashell Wedding Cake and Cupcakes by Whipped Bakeshop

The sand? As simple as light brown sugar.

Design, setup and details: Zoë Lukas
Seashell modeling and airbrushing: Casey Ray
Figure modeling: Jenn Hall
Baking: Rebecca Hauptman

Sweet #2: Fondant Party Pugs

Edible Pugs by Whipped Bakeshop

Zoë made these pugs for her sister’s birthday cake. The littler pug on the right is George and the much chunkier one on the left is Toby (code-named “two-dog”). Zoë’s mom made the cake itself, so we can’t take credit for that.

Sweet#3: Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Three-Tier Buttercream Wedding Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

We’re totally into buttercream iced cakes with fondant details and flowers placed just so. Round is the new square.

Cake sculpting, icing and fondant details: Casey Ray
Flowers: Zoë Lukas