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August 5, 2010

Sweet of the Week: Tranzor Z vs. American Idol Cake

This week’s Sweet of the Week contest pits the most elaborate 3-D cake we’ve ever made against the glittery star power of American Idol. Who will win? That’s up to you! Leave a comment letting us know your favorite cake and you’ll be entered to win a $10 gift certificate to Whipped Bakeshop. Voting ends Friday, August 6th at noon EST.

Sweet #1: Tranzor Z Robot Cake

Tranzor Z Robot Cake Fully Assembled Backstage at the Venue

Our first sweet is a surprise groom’s cake. Here’s Tranzor Z fully assembled and awaiting his entrance at the Tyler Arboretum. Except for a food-safe structural skeleton and glowing LED eyes, he’s all edible–all two and a half feet of him. The buildings, legs, torso and head of the robot are all made of chocolate fudge cake filled with raspberry Italian meringue buttercream. The rest is rice krispy treats, poured sugar “glass” and glittery fondant fire and such.

Tranzor Z Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

The stunned groom can’t believe it’s really a cake!

Tranzor Z Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

Tranzor Z is ready for his close-up

Brennen & Bryan carry in the heavy cake after successfully making it down two flights of steep stairs. Note to self: Hold the iPhone sideways when taking video.
Design and Decoration: Entire Whipped Bakeshop
Staff Structural engineering and construction: Bryan Czibesz (Casey’s uber-talented man)

Sweet #2: American Idol Cake

American Idol Cake by Philadelphia's Whipped Bakeshop

We made this American-Idol inspired cake for one of our best customers to give to her friend. Hi Linda!

American Idol Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

What this cake lacks in glowing eyes, it makes up for in sheer glittery splendor.
Design: Zoë Lukas
Airbrushed details and additional fondant shapes: Casey Ray + Jenn Hall
Baking: Rebecca Hauptman

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