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June 14, 2017

Geode Cookies Rock the World

A few weeks ago, Zoë made some rainbow geode cookies with gold edges. Little did we know that those cookies would become a worldwide hit (at least as far as sparkly cookies go)! I shot a quick video for Instagram, which shocked us by becoming the most-viewed video we have ever put on the platform. 

Rainbow Geode Cookies by Whipped Bakeshop

Then, last night, our jaws dropped when Zoë got a LinkedIn notification that the popular UK publication The Daily Mail had featured the cookies in an article about the current geode phenomenon in baking. Whaaat?!? It’s just so cool to see something we made have that kind of influence. Hopefully bakers around the world will be inspired to make geode cookies of their own. In any case, I’m super glad that I stopped to shoot that little video as I was running out the door on a delivery! 

The Daily Mail: This dessert rocks! Sparkly geode cookies decorated with colorful rock candy sprinkles are a foodie hit on Instagram

Whipped Bakeshop Geode Cookies Appear in UK Daily Mail